5 Signs You Need Residential Roof Repair Service

Our home’s roofing system is an extremely part of a residence, so when it needs repairs, it’s crucial to get them right away. While it’s an important service to get, most homeowners don’t know when roof repair service is needed. Learn when to call for roof repair service by remembering these five essential signs.

Ceiling Leaks

5 Signs You Need Residential Roof Repair Service

Learn When You Need Roof Repair Service for Your Home’s Roofing.

One of the biggest signs that you need roof repairs for your roofing is when your ceiling is leaking. Sure there might be something else that is causing the leak, but a roofer can inspect your roof and definitely tell you.

Damaged Shingles

If you feel comfortable enough, you can get on a ladder and peer at your roofing. Are the shingles on your roof broken, missing, or look warped? When shingles are damaged, it can eventually lead to roof leaks.

Home Exterior Issues

If you don’t feel comfortable checking your roof on your own, there are visual cues that let you know that roof repair may be necessary. Damages to your exterior walls like peeling paint can indicate you have a moisture problem.

Expensive Energy Costs

Have you seen a spike in your energy bills? If you have maintained the same temperatures like you usually do but see an increase in your bill, there is a good chance you will need a roof repair.

Outside Light in the Attic

Your attics should only be lit up if you turn on a light. If you see light coming through the ceiling in your attic, that is a cause for concern a reason to call for repairs.

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