Flat Roofs Construction

Flat roof with skylight and hydro insulation membranes

Learn More About Flat Roofs

When it comes to commercial buildings oftentimes flat roofs are used as they serve the desired function of being able to bear weight. What’s more, this style is more practical for such buildings that have a box-like architecture in use. With flat roofs there are a variety of roofing materials as well as coatings that will provide you with the specific type of protection that you require. Some may be more flexible while others can have protective features from chemical spills and exposure. Depending on the property that you have it’s best to speak to a professional roofer to see what can be done to protect your roofing structure. Until then, here is some general background information regarding flat roofs that may prove of use to you.

What are flat roofs called?

Flat roofs are also known to be called low-slope roofs which are commonly found with commercial or industrial buildings throughout the globe. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association a low slope roof is defined as having a slope of 3-in-12 or less.

What is the maximum pitch for a flat roof?

The maximum pitch for flat roofs is up to 12.5 degrees with flat roofs in general being 1-10 degrees by definition. Pitched roofing in turn will typically be from 12.5-8 degrees in angle. With flat roping products however you can still use them on pitched or inclined roofing as long as the right application methods are used.

Are flat roofs cheaper?

Flat roofs are technically cheaper than pitched roofs as far as initial installations. With flat roofs however repair costs will be more expensive.

How does a flat roof drain?

Flat roofs have draining placed in specific areas on the roof where water is the most collected. The draining water will travel down a system of pipes and dispensed into a gutter or downspout on the side of the building.

How do you waterproof a flat roof?

Flat roofs may be waterproofed by the initial roofing material that you choose to go with or with flat roof coating applications. With liquid rubber waterproof sealant first covers any exposed seams and the roof’s edge. Then apply starting from the corners of the roof edges and seam tape and work in sections. After this has been done start from the corners of your roof and work your way done to cover the rest of the expanse of the roof.

How often should you reseal a flat roof?

Flat roofs like with built up roofing of felt, asphalt or coal tar should be resealed every two to four years unless they are covered by a layer of stone chips or gravel. 

Does roof coating stop leaks?

Roof coatings can help stop and seal a leak with flat roofs. Essentially the layer of liquid applied coatings will fill in any gaps and expand during the curation process so that a layer is created between any cracks or wear. However, if a puncture is of a certain width it’s best to have them fixed by a professional.

flat roof with roofing and fencing

What materials are used for flat roofs?

  • PVC
  • EPDM
  • TPO
  • Modified Bitumen
  • BUR
  • Spray on Coating

What is the best roofing material for a flat roof?

The best materials for flat roofs may differ depending on the need that you’ll have for the roof as far as protection. Many projects will tend to rely on PVC roofing due to the wide range of benefits known with it. This roofing material is reinforced to be resistant against imapve as well as cracking that will typically lessen the life span of single ply roofing. With it’s white color PVC is great for reflecting heat away from the building which therefore lowers temperatures and stabilizes HVAC energy use.

Can you walk on flat roofs?

With any roofing it’s important to be mindful of the weight that’s being placed on it based on the weight loading it’s able to bear and the quality of the roofing materials. With a flat roof you will still run the risk of damaging felt and going through the membrane. Yet on a warm day what can be done to ease this is to lay boards across to walk on. 

Get The Help You Need With A Qualified Roofer

If you’re in need of assistance with flat roofs make sure to get into contact with your local roofers. Only they will be able to properly gauge the level of repairs or fixtures that will be necessary when it comes to the specifics of your property. What’s more, a roof inspection will be able to determine the level of repairs that will need to be implemented on your roof before any permanent services need to be done. Speak to your local roofers today to see what they can do to improve your property.

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