Is a Metal Roof Better Than a Shingle Roof?

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Are Metal Roofs Expensive?

Homeowners are always looking for new ways to protect their home from damage or the elements. Your roof is one of the most important layers of defense you have against things like storm damage and related issues. As a result, experts recommend having an annual inspection for upkeep and maintenance purposes to make sure it lasts as long as it’s supposed to. But when the time eventually comes for roof replacement service, consider the benefits of new metal roof shingles for your home. This option is growing in popularity despite the standard asphalt counterpart being the most typical choice of homeowners in the area. You may find yourself asking, “What are the differences between metal roof shingles vs asphalt shingles?

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Do Metal Roofs Last Longer Than Shingles?

Unless you’re a professional contractor or have prior experience on the subject, you’re probably unaware of the differences between asphalt and metal roof shingles. Asphalt is relatively common, cheap, and easy to install, making them a pretty popular choice. They are also some of the easiest roofing materials to damage, despite the fact that they do provide completely adequate protection for your roof. Metal roof shingles are installed in a way that keeps them from being knocked off the top of your house as easily as other materials. Before you ask questions like “What is the best metal for roofing?” you should know they come with their own set of pros and cons.

Metal Roofing Shingles Pros and Cons


  • Durability Metal is incredibly durable, and roofs made from it have added protection. Metal roof shingles are thicker than asphalt, resistant to impacts and scratches, and much less likely to start leaking as a result of damage.
  • Energy Efficiency Most metal roof shingles come in different colors, and that means a higher potential for reflecting sunlight and heat radiation instead of absorbing it. Less heat means less time running the air conditioner and a lower energy bill overall. As a result, this lowers the chances for wear and tear and the potential bill for annual air conditioning service.
  • Fire Resistance Many different materials are manufactured to be fire resistant, but metal is almost completely fireproof. Metal roofing shingles are non-combustible and have a class A fireproof rating as a result, although the insulation or old roof beneath it could still be prone to fire damage.
  • Installation A metal roof installation is quick and easy. While asphalt shingles are installed one by one, metal components usually come in sheets or panels that are lightweight and faster to put into place.
  • Life Span Asphalt roofs last approximately fifteen years before they should be replaced, while metal roof shingles can last up to and longer than fifty years with the proper maintenance and care. While the latter may be more expensive, over a lifetime you’re likely to spend more on the former.
  • Weight Some people might expect metal roof shingles to be heavier based on their higher durability and thickness, but manufacturers have been perfecting the technology for years now. It’s actually much lighter than other options, meaning that it protects your home and puts less pressure on its wooden structure.


  • Cost Given all of the added benefits of more durable roofing material, it also costs more. While the installation process is cheaper, the shingles themselves cost more than basic asphalt.
  • Denting and Upkeep While highly resistant to damage, there is still the chance that your roof could be damaged enough to leave a mark. Whether the metal roof shingles themselves get dented or their paint starts to chip or peel, it’s going to require basic maintenance and upkeep to ensure that everything stays aesthetically appealing. This is especially important if you pick an exotic or bright color where damage is more obvious.
  • Noise While companies have made strides in quieting their metal roof shingles, there is still the potential for increased noise from this material. Most contractors install insulation underneath the panels themselves, and sometimes the new roof is installed on top of an old one, but rain on metal can sound intense no matter how much protection you have from sound pollution.
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Do Metal Roofs Add Value to Your Home?

When you find yourself wondering if a metal roof is worth it when compared to asphalt shingles, you have to way the pros against the cons. Metal roof shingles offer a wide array of added benefits for homeowners who want increased protection for their home. If you find yourself asking “Why are metal roofs more expensive?” it all has to do with how they last longer, are less vulnerable to damage, and are highly customization. Before you start searching for the best metal roof shingles in your area, consider consulting with a professional. Expert contractors can help you pick out the best material to suit your needs, and conduct your installation service in a fast and professional manner. If you’re interested in metal roof shingles installation for your home in Melissa and McKinney, TX, contact the professional contractors of Trophy Roofing at 972-439-1145 for more information today!