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Give Your Roof The Best Roof Possible.

When it is time to get a new roof, the choices can be overwhelming. You may go into it thinking you know what you want, but making sure that you are getting the best quality roofing products is actually very important. When it comes to your roof, you are getting what you pay for so make sure that you are choosing premium roofing. Other roofing materials are fine and will do the job for a reasonable amount of time, but when you choose premium roofing, you are getting a high-quality product that will offer a more appealing look and will last even longer. If you are already committing to spending the money on a new roof, make sure it is the best roof for you. Here at Trophy Roofing, we provide free estimates, installation, and repairs from our quality and highly qualified roofing contractors. We have been doing this for a long time and our experience will show through everything that we do. The roof you choose to put on your home will be on it for around 20 years, this is a decision you don’t want to take lightly. If you have questions about our products and their longevity, you can give us a call at 972-439-1145 and we will be more than happy to go over some of our favorite choices with you. Some of our favorites are architectural shingles and impact resistant shingles. Some of our roofing products will even help lower your monthly insurance rate! If you want to discuss premium roofing products in Melissa and McKinney, TX, get ahold of us today.

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Whether or not you know what kind of roof you are looking to put on your home or business, we have a great selection to choose from and if you are wanting something specific and you don’t see it here, all you have to do is ask and we will likely be able to get it for you. Here at Trophy Roofing, we strive to put our customers first. Making sure that you are satisfied from beginning to end is what we do best here. One of the ways we try to show that is by offering free roof estimates so that you can go into your roof buying or repairing experience with your eyes wide open. Making sure that you are aware of what is going on and never hiding prices or fees from you is something that is extremely important to us. We are upfront with you 100 percent of the time so you always know what you are getting. A roof is a major investment and we understand that it needs to be just right. That is why we offer a 10-year warranty on top of the warranty from the manufacturer. When you need premium roofing in Melissa and McKinney, TX, give us a call by dialing 972-439-1145 and someone from our team will be able to set you up with an appointment or answer your roofing questions.

Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles

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Architectural Shingles Can Achieve a Varied, 3D Appearance.

Choosing architectural shingles is something that many people are choosing for their residential homes and you can see why. Architectural shingles are an enhancement off of the original flat 3-tab shingles. These shingles create the look of texture because they are installed with a layering technique and vary in color. In the 1980’s, these advanced shingles came about and have truly changed the shingle roofing game. Since then, architectural shingles have become one of the highest quality roofing products that are made.

What Are They Made Of?

These shingles are made with a heavy fiberglass mat base and then they are coated from ceramic mineral pieces and water resistant asphalt. This creates a solid piece of material that is not only long lasting, but it will keep you protected from things like hail, heavy rain, and wind. They can come in a variety of colors that will match your home any way that you want. Because they are not all the same color, you can choose a variation that you like to give your look as much or as little dramatic effect that you want. Another great thing about architectural shingles are that they can be made to resemble of types of roofing like cedar shake roofing and slate roofing. This serves as a great selling point because you are getting a product that looks like wood or slate, without the intense maintenance or heavyweight and price. If you want to know more about architectural shingles, call us at 972-439-1145 and we will be happy to discuss your options.

Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact Resistant Shingles

Closeup Of Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact Resistant Shingles WIll Protect You From Hail.

Has your roof ever been hit by hail? If it has, you know what it can do to your roof and it is not a fun process to deal with. If you have impact resistant shingles, you haven’t had to deal with hail damage, because your roof has it covered for you. So what are impact resistant shingles and why are they so good to have on your roof? Unlike other roofing shingles, impact resistant, are a class 4 product, which means that they are built to withstand thing like hail and high gusts of wind. They are much thicker and are made from materials like copper, resin, plastic, and aluminum. If you want to talk about impact resistant shingles, call us by dialing 972-439-1145.

What Is a Class 4 Product?

A shingle with a class 4 rating has been made to withstand impact. In order to receive this rating, the shingles have to have been tested. The way they are tested is by dropping steel balls from different heights several times and seeing if the shingle can withstand the impact. Not only can impact resistant shingles handle hail, they can also handle winds up to 110 mph. Some insurances will even give you discounts on your policy for having these on your roof. So are they worth it? It depends where you live if it is worth it to have these specific type of shingle. If you live in California, you can probably live without them just fine, but in places like Texas, these can serve as a great safety net that will keep you from constantly filing claims to fix hail damage on your roof.

Slate Roofing

Slate Roofing

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Some of the Oldest Homes in the Country Benefit from Slate Roofing.

Slate is truly the holy grail of roofing material and it is that for a very good reason. A slate roof will last for over 75 years on your roof and probably much longer if it is well taken care of. A lot of old buildings and homes have slate on them because it lasts so long and it was a material that was heavily used back in the 12th century on buildings like castles and churches. Slate roofing has a very distinct look about it and is easily recognized for its beautiful stone look and one of a kind texture. Slate may be very expensive, but it is safe to say that if you choose to put this on your roof, it will outlive you so the investment is well worth it if you plan to stay in the home or building that you put it on. Another pro of slate is that it is extremely fire resistant because it is stone and doesn’t have much to catch on fire.

A Few Cons To Consider

Although slate is an excellent choice for your roof, nothing is perfect and there are a few things you may want to consider before you take the plunge. Slate is very heavy and because of that, you will likely need to get extra support put into your roof to keep it from caving in. It is also very fragile and can crack or chip from things like hail or fallen tree branches. The biggest drawback when choosing slate is abundantly, the price. It is a beautiful material and will last seemingly forever, but if you are not ready to drop a pretty penny on your roof, you may want to consider a less expensive options like synthetic tile or architectural shingles that both can be made to resemble slate. There are a lot of other options out there if you do like the look of slate, but don’t want the price tag that comes along, give us a call at 972-439-1145 and we can talk to you about them.