TPO Vs. PVC Roofing Type

You keep hearing the terms TPO and PVC when searching for a flat roof installation, but what are they? Both a single-ply membrane roofing type, they are a rubberized coating applied to your roof in layers using heat welding to create a durable flat roof for your commercial building. Here is a breakdown of the two:

TPO Roofing Type

TPO and PVC are Both a Seamless Roofing Type of Flat Roofs

-made up of polyester, polypropylene, and ethylene polymers.
-flame retardant as the roof was literally made by welding sheets of TPO together with a flame torch
-weather resistant- wind and rain will not puncture the seam-free roof
-algae and debris resistant
-seamless, so no tears
– is a cool roof and is energy and environmentally efficient
-last for 20 years
-cheaper than PVC roofing because it is a newer roofing material and the formula is still being improved

PVC Roofing Type

-made up of chlorine and ethylene.
-contains plasticizers, stabilizers, and fiberglass to make it flexible and durable
-lasts for 30 years
-not environmentally efficient since it contains chlorine
-reflective, making it a cool roof because it is energy efficient and cools down the building by deflecting light and heat
-seamless: no leaks or tears will puncture the roof as the material has been welded together
-wind, fire, and chemical resistant
-the plasticizers that help make this stretchy also make this roofing material degrade faster, not living as long as some other roof coating types do
-cheap flat roofing type

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