Should I Choose Roof Repair or Replacement?

A Roofer Examines a Space in the Roof

Professional Roof Inspections are Prudent Following a Heavy Hail Storm.

Should I repair or replace my roof?” That is a question our roofers hear all the time, especially after a ferocious hail storm. There are several key factors to weigh in your consideration, which is why you should always start with a detailed inspection of your rooftop.

If you’re looking to make the most financially sound investment for your home, there are some helpful guidelines to follow. Today, we’ll break down some steps that will ultimately tell you whether to repair or replace your roof. Let’s dive in!

Repair or Replace?

It should come as no surprise to you that this is ultimately a financially-driven decision. Short and long-term ramifications must be weighed in so that homeowners can make a truly informed decision. There are many factors to include, such as:

  • Extent of the Damage
  • Home Security
  • Likelihood of Future Repairs
  • Cost of Replacement Materials & Labor
  • Cost of Teardown
  • Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy
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Storms Aren’t the Only Roof Hazards. Keep an Eye Out for Squirrels and Raccoons Too!

With only a few shingles mission or curled, home roof repairs are naturally the most logical choice. If large portions of the roofing system have been cracked and torn by hail, most homeowners exploit the opportunity to replace the roof.

Keep in mind, some roof damage may not be immediately apparent from ground level. That’s why a detailed examination is crucial. Putting it off could result in unexpected roof leaks later on, which in turn could mean serious water damage inside your attic.


How Often Does a Roof Need Replacing?

Normally, a shingle roof can go 15 to 20 years before replacement is necessary. Premium, impact-resistant shingles may last as long as 25. Beyond that, luxury roof can range anywhere from 40 to 100 years. As far as shingles go, weather related roof replacements are fairly common however. Even a healthy shingle roof may lie in tattered pieces after a particularly aggressive storm.

How does that factor in our decision to repair or replace? Let’s say your shingles are two years short of their expected lifetime when disaster strikes. Patches of fresh shingles are impractical when you’ll have to tear down the roof in just two years anyway. If you have ten years left on your roof however, it’s a different story.


How Do You Fix a Leaking Roof?

You’ve started to notice small leaks in the attic. What now? First, you’ll need a close inspection of the affected roofing areas. There’s a good chance that a simple spot repair will be all that’s needed to address the leak. If you can find the offending shingles, you may even be able fix the damage yourself. Curled shingles can be fixed with roof sealant and roofing cement. Should you feel uncomfortable mounting the roof, or if the leaks are more extenstive, you should leave the work to the professionals.


How Much Should a Roof Repair Cost?

On average, repair visits are going towards $650. According to Roofing Calculator, you can expect a range of $300 to $1,100, unless the damage is more extensive. If your local roofing company offers a number in the thousands, you should definitely add replacement into your considerations.

Can I do roof repair for my home?” While it might not be as complicated as your Texas slab leak repair, mending the damaged areas of your roof is critical work. It takes absolute attention to detail to make sure no leaks slip by unnoticed. Only confident DIY’ers should attempt to complete their own repairs, especially if the damage isn’t confided to a small area.


Is Roof Repair Covered by Insurance?

As long as the damage isn’t the result of homeowner negligence, your policy will likely cover the cost of roof repair or replacement. Insurance companies understand that hail and extreme wind will happen, but they won’t excuse roof damage that occurred due to lack of general maintenance. On a side note, be sure to examine your insurance policy to see what expenses your provider will cover.

There’s one more thought to consider. If your home has already been subjected to some extensive roof damage, what’s to keep it from happening again once your roof repair is finished? Should you have the means and opportunity, replacement might be your a chance to install stronger roofing.

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