Roofing Storm Damage Repairs

Roof With Missing Shingles And Damage

After a Big Storm You Should Have a Roof Inspection Done.

Storms are unpredictable and can cause a lot of damage to your roof in a very short amount of time. When roof storm damage in Melissa and McKinney, TX, happens, make sure you call Trophy Roofing right away at 972-439-1145 to get the damage fixed right away so that no more damage begins to occur because of it. We have been doing this work for a long time and have seen a fair share of damage from storms. Our roofing contractors can be there to help you get the problems under control as fast as possible. Storm damage can happen high winds that usually come from tornadoes. These winds can rip shingles right off of your roof and leave you exposed to whatever comes next. Hail can do a similar thing when it hits your roof at high speeds, it can leave large dents and even holes in some areas that let the weather in right behind it. This can cause serious damage inside your home that can lead to mold, wall damage, and even mess with your insulation. Overall, storm damage to your roof can be a huge pain, but if it happens, make sure to get ahold of us as soon as possible so that we can come out and assess the damage and get it repaired.

What To Do If You Have Roof Storm Damage

Once it is safe to go outside, walk the perimeter of your home and see what kind of damage has been done. You might see shingles on the ground, dents in the roof, or dark spots from water damage. Take pictures of this damage because it will help you when you file a claim with your insurance company.

Pay close attention to the items around you. Tree limbs may have come loose, telephone poles may have fallen, or other objects may be unstable near your home. These can be very dangerous and if you notice anything that could cause an immediate threat to your home, you need to call 911 and then a roofing contractor right away.

Take a look inside your home. Do you have any wet spots on the ceiling? If you have access to your attic, shine a flashlight in there and do the same thing. This will be able to tell you if any water got into your home because of roof damage.

Usually, after a big storm, roofing companies will try to get your business by offering specials or going door to door. Be careful with this and only trust companies that you have read reviews on and spoken to over the phone. We would then come out and look at the damage and give you a free estimate for what it would cost to get the damage repaired.

Once you have done all of those steps, get ahold of your insurance company and let them know what is going on. If you need help with your claim or need advice, you can always call us at 972-439-1145 and we would be more than happy to help you.

Emergency Roof Repair

Home Needing Roof Storm Damage Repair

No Matter How Bad the Damage Is, Our Staff Can Help with Your Roof Storm Damage Repair.

Emergency roof repairs always seem to happen at the worst possible times. It doesn’t always have to be from a big storm either. Sometimes trees fall down and land on roofs, hail can fall and leave damage to a roof that was already struggling to last, and sometimes there is sever roof damage that was already there and it is not known until a heavy rain comes in. No matter what the situation is, you can call Trophy Roofing to come out and we will get it under control before more damage is done. Sometimes the call may happen while it is actually raising because that is when the problem is noticed. If this happens, call us and we can get the affected area tarped off right away so that no more damage starts to happen. Once that is done, we can hold off until the weather calms down and fix the problem. Our biggest concern when there is an emergency roof repair that needs done, is that the damage is not made to be any worse, so whatever we need to do to keep that from happening, we will. If you need an emergency roof repair in Melissa and McKinney, TX, give us a call right away at 972-439-1145 and let our team of professionals help you.

Roof Hail Damage

Roof Hail Damage

Roof With Hail Damage

Getting Special Shingles Can Help Protect From Hail Damage.

Hail can sometimes the size of softballs, you heard that right, softballs. That means that falling from the sky at rapid speeds, that hail could potentially do a whole lot of damage to your roof. Hail damage can be very hard to spot from the ground, but if you don’t feel comfortable going up onto a roof yourself, just call one of our roofing contractors to do it for you by dialing 972-439-1145. A few things you can look for from the ground or a small ladder, are your gutters, siding, and A/C units. Taking a look at these three items, you can see if there is any serious damage or denting that has occurred. If you see that, you likely have some on your roof as well. On many homes, there are vents that let air out of your house, skylights, and chimneys. Hail can hit every single one of these and cause a lot of problems. The biggest thing that we worry about with hail damage is future water damage. When hail hits hard enough to leave marks, it is actually taking off pieces of the shingle and damaging the integrity of the shingle itself. This can lead to water getting in and cause problems down the road. Your best bet is if you think you have hail damage, ask about it at your next roof inspection or call a roofer out to take a look and file an insurance claim.

Roof Leak Repair

Roof Leak Repair

Man Checking Roof For Rotting

Roof Leaks Can Cause Roof Rot.

A roof leak can spell disaster if you don’t get it fixed in time. When there is damage to your roof and it rains, you will end up with a roof leak. Sometimes this is not a big deal and won’t cause any damage, but other times, it can end up causing major damage to your roof and to parts if the inside of your home as well. Having an inspection done on your roof once a year can be a great tool to help keep problems like these under control. Often times, people don’t even know that they have damage on their roof and are surprised when they see water leaking from their ceiling. It is important to get this taken care of right away so when you need a roof leak repair in Melissa and McKinney, TX, call us at 972-439-1145 and we can send one of our experienced roofing contractors out to you.

Roof Wind Damage

Roof Wind Damage

House Receiving Roof Storm Damage Repair

After a Big Storm, Contact Our Office For all Your Roof Storm Damage Repair.

During big storms, wind can get very intense. WInd does more damage than you would think when it comes to your roof. We all like to think that our roofs can withstand crazy weather like this, but the truth is, sometimes it can’t. If your roof has already been damaged in some way or is getting close to the 20-year mark, it is more prone to things like wind damage. Strong wind can lift shingles right up off your roof and take several of them with it. The same goes for tile roofing because it is thicker and there is a better chance that wind gets in between tiles and lift it up and off. Once a piece of roofing comes off, you should have it repaired and replaced right away to not mess up any other parts of your roof along the way. You should also have the roof inspected to make sure the integrity was not compromised by the wind as well. Give us a call at 972-439-1145 and one of our roofers will come and take a look.