Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Adjuster Inspection Roof After Roof Damage Insurance Claims Have Been Filed

Once Your Claim Has Been Filed, Your Insurance Adjuster Will Inspect the Roof Damage.

When you end up with roof damage and have to file an insurance claim, the process can be extremely daunting. Dealing with insurance in any capacity is never a fun process, but when you have Trophy Roofing on your side, the process will be much easier. We have dealt with this kind of problem many times so we know what the insurance companies want and are looking for. When you have roof damage, give us a call at 972-439-1145 and we will send one of our roofing contractors out to look at the damage. We can provide you and the insurance company a detailed list of what the damage is and a quote for the price of the repairs. We are here to help you and one way we show you that is to offer free estimates on roofing in the hopes that you will choose us for your roofing needs. All of our roofing contractors are fully trained and experienced so that you can feel confident that your repairs will be done right. We do our best to offer competitive pricing and always be upfront with every price so there are no hidden costs at the end that you are surprised by. What we quote you, is what it will cost. We do this to make sure that you understand that we are always upfront with our services and never want to make anything more difficult than it needs to be. If you need to file a roof damage insurance claim in Melissa and McKinney, TX, call us right away at 972-439-1145 and we will be more than happy to help you through this process and get your roof damage taken care of.

Quality Roofing Inspections

If you know or believe that you have roof damage that needs to be taken care of, you can always reach out to Trophy Roofing for assistance. One great way to see if your roof has damage on it or not is to get an inspection. We recommend that you have a roof inspection once a year to look at your roof, perimeter, and gutter system if you have one. This way, you are preparing yourself for any weather that is to come the remained of the year and can keep your home as safe as possible. If a problem is found, the inspector will write a report for you and can even quote you a price for repairs. If you end up needing to go through your insurance, that is one step that is already cut out of the equation and will make it easier to get the process wrapped up as soon as possible. Roof damage, even small, can add up to bigger damage later on. This is a mistake that many people make because they don’t want to have the work done yet because it isn’t “bad enough”. The problem with that is that it will get bad enough at some point and when it does, it will cost a whole lot more than when it was just a small problem.

The Insurance Process

Roof Damage Insurance Claims Forms

Let Us Help You File Your Roof Damage Insurance Claims.

When you have damage that has occurred on your roof, you may be thinking that you can file an insurance claim and get help paying for it. If you don’t know what your insurance will cover, it is important that you ask. By calling your insurance company, you will be able to find out of this is something worth your time pursuing. Usually, they will take several things into consideration when assessing the damage and if they will pay or not. Age, for example, is something that they will look at. If your roof is over 10 years old, they may not give you the full amount that maybe the roof was originally worth, but the amount that the roof is worth now. They will also need to see the damage themselves and will send an insurance adjuster out to tell you what the damage is worth and what they will likely pay or not pay. If they find that they will pay, your next step is to find a contractor and get quotes. Once you have a quote and present that to them they will make their final decision, and cut you a cut for the repairs. You will have to pay your deductible if you have one. The process can be rather time-consuming and stressful but when you consider what a new roof or a roof repair could cost you, you may not mind all of the heavy lifting. We will do whatever we need to to help you through the insurance process as well because we have done it many times before and will know what to look for and what to give your insurance company to get the process finished as soon as possible. When you need insurance claim help in Melissa and McKinney, TX, give our team a call at 972-439-1145 and we will be there for you.