Signs You Need Repairs for Your Gutters

Our gutters are an essential part of our roofing system for a variety of reasons. It keeps water from overflowing on our roof and it ensures our home’s foundation does not become cracked due to water damage. Because they are vital to our home’s, it’s important to have them repaired when they are damaged. Knowing when you need repairs for your gutters can save you from getting a new one installed. Below are signs you need repairs for your gutters.

Leaking Gutter Systems

Signs You Need Repairs for Your Gutters

Find Out When You Need Repairs for Your Gutters.

Depending on how the gutters were installed, leaks can form by the joints or where caulking is. Leaking can damage the exterior walls of your home and also your roof. Call us whenever you see signs of water damage on your walls.

Gutter Systems Pulling Away From the House

Your gutters should be firmly installed on the roof’s fascia in order to catch the rain. When the gutters become too full of water from not removing leaves and other debris from the gutters, it can pull the gutter away from the roof. Not only that, it can cause the gutters to flood and hurt your home’s foundation.

Water Pooling By Your Home’s Foundation

One of the central functions of a gutter is to move water away from your home’s foundation. If you notice water pooling around the foundation or even mildew in that area, it’s time to get repairs.

If you need gutter repair in Melissa and McKinney, TX, please don’t hesitate to call the roofers at Trophy Roofing today. We are able to offer repairs and even installation service, so contact our office at 972-439-1145 now.