The Unknown Drawback of Metal Roofs and How To Fix It

Satellite on Metal Roof

You Can Fix Your Cell Signal Booster With Metal Roof Installation.

Metal roofs are one of the longest lasting roofing systems available, lasting a minimum of 50 years. They are also impervious to wind, rain, snow, hail, and even fire damage. A metal roof installation also reflects sunlight, helping to cool the building and lower inside temperatures, saving you money on your energy bill. Since metal is so strong, it rarely requires repairs in its 5 decade long lifespan. So what’s not to like about a metal roof? Unfortunately, the metal roof does interfere with wireless signals. Just like how your credit card malfunctions if it’s next to your phone, the same thing happens with WiFi signals under metal roofing. While having a residential metal roof provides many benefits, it does have negative side effects like interfering with WiFi. A cell booster installation will solve that problem. Don’t be deterred by this issue, as wireless signal boosters are very affordable and an easy problem to fix. For metal roof installation in Melissa and McKinney, TX, call Trophy Roofing at 972-439-1145 today.

How Does Metal Affect Wireless Signals?

  • Wireless signals affect radio waves which are formed from the electromagnetic field. Since metal is a conductor, it absorbs things like electricity, magnetism, and radio waves, affecting wireless signals.
  • While wireless signals are less strong as they pass through thick objects like concrete and bulletproof glass, they can still pass through. That is because those objects are not conductors that are absorbing radio waves that affect wireless signals.
  • Wireless signals can easily pass through wood and glass because they are so thin.
  • Areas directly behind metal are called “dead zones.” This is where no signal can be received because it is in the heart of the metal and radio wave absorption.
  • Some people actually encase their WiFi routers in metal foil to prevent others from authorizing their WiFi without permission.