Tips for Gutter Cleaning

Tips for Gutter Cleaning

Here Are Tips for Gutter Cleaning and What Tools You Should Have.

The gutters on our roof play a fundamental role in the health of our roof. They make sure water stays away from the roof and also protects our lawns and foundation in the process. Since it’s a critical component, it’s important to clean your gutters from time to time. Below are tips for gutter cleaning and the tools you will need.

Tools and Clothes You’ll Need

There are a couple of things you need before you get started: a plastic scope, protective eyewear, gloves, a long-sleeve shirt, a ladder, and a plastic bag. All of these things will either protect you or protect the gutters and lawn. Now it’s on to the tips for gutter cleaning.

First Step: Scope Out Debris and Leaves

Once you have your long-sleeved shirt, protective eye goggles, and gloves, you will get on the ladder and use the scope to discard the leaves and other debris. Instead of dumping it all on your lawn, you will use the plastic bag to dispose of it.

Second Step: Rinse the Gutters

After all the debris and leaves have been removed, you will want to rinse the gutters out. This will get rid of traces of leaves, dirt, and other particles. If anything is stuck in the gutters, you can a brush to loosen up debris.

Third Step: Use Hose To Clean the Downspout

Any leaves or debris that you rinsed from the gutters will go down the gutter’s spout. Also, there might be leaves and debris stuck in the gutters. Using the hose to shoot water up the downspout can remove any clogs and ensure everything is removed.

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