Why is Slate good for roofing?

slate roof of house

Slate roofing is good for  home roofing due to the fact it is comprised of “fine grained metamorphic rock”. It is very popular to use and lasts for a very long time. One of the major concerns or questions for investing in a slate roof is the expense. How long will slate roofing last if installed? Also can slate roofing survive any type of future damage that may unfortunately present itself. Slate roof is often compared to metal roofs in terms of cost, longevity and normal wear and tear.

How many years does a slate roof last?

Slate roofing can last for many many years. Hard slate can last up to 200 years if done properly and soft slate can last no more than 130 years. One of the advantages is that its materials will not need to be replaced quite as often as one would think. These materials can last up to 20 years until by regular wear and tear or by natural occurrences, they will need to be replaced. Slate roofing is a little on the expensive side but since it does last for a long time and is a very popular form of roofing. In the long run, it will be worth it financially if it is in your budget.

Are slate roofs expensive?

Well, the fact of the matter is that slate roofing is made out of certain rock and that can increase the estimate of slate roofing installation.  A slate roof estimate can be in the hundreds of thousands more than likely total costs are a little over $1,000 per square foot of your home per slate whether it be hard or soft. Some might want to install a metal roof instead of the expensive, more popular slate roof. When comparing a slate roof vs metal roof, it can be determined by the different qualities of both types of roofs. The longevity versus the costs are important factors when considering what type of roof you want to invest in. Since slate roofs are consisted of rocks, it can be determined that in warmer weather it can be hotter due to trapped heat which in comparison, metal roofing  does not weigh as much as slate rocks and and can is more efficient in energy. While these factors are true, metal roofing does not last as long as slate roofing and needs to be replaced more frequently that slate roofs shy of a few years. Also metal roofs are not necessarily cheaper than slate roofs.

Can a slate roof last forever?

roofer installing slate roof

While forever is certainly a very long time, it is safe to say that a slate roof comes close  to standing the test of time more so than other roof types. In the previous section, it was noted how much longer slate roofs last compared to metal roofs. Slate roofs when taken care of and properly maintained can outlast the homeowner themselves. Proper slate roof tools  consists of a very strong glue. Use OSI RT-600 Roof Tile Adhesive to repair and seal broken slate roofs. Slate roof cleaning also contributes to long lasting slate rock. Experts say that even though cleaning your slate roof will only be for “aesthetic purposes” it is best to get your slate roof cleaned annually by a slate roof professional.

What is slate roofing material?

Because the slate roofing material is metamorphic rock and weigh a significant amount, an inspection should be done on the foundation first to ensure that the slate roof can be sustained.  Slate roof materials can not only be good for roofing but also flooring which comes in handy if you have pipes underneath the floor of your home. Kileen, TX plumbing can assist with ensuring the plumbing in your homes is up to regulations if you decide to get slate materials for your floor if you are in the area.

Is slate fire resistant?

One topic that comes up because of the fact that slate can get hot is that in the case of a fire, will it be susceptible to it? Slate is indeed fire resistant therefore your slate roof will not and can not be set ablaze in an accidental fire. Slate can get really hot if a significant amount of heat is trapped in its rocks or tiles. Because of this warmth transfers from one slate to the other  therefore perfect for flooring. Slate with its durability and overall aesthetic is commonly the ideal choice for fireplaces. However with the right amount of pressure and mixture of heat and coolness combustion, it is possible that pieces of the rock will begin to shatter over time if not explode all together. Call us at 972-439-1145 in Melissa, TX 75454 and our slate roofing experts can assist in any more further questions.